Planning Ahead.

Its mid-October and the holiday season is quickly approaching. I want to share with y’all why I think it is important to be proactive and recognize this. I just got done having a fun weekend with family that came down to visit, going out to eat, ice cream filled nights, and shorter workouts were all … Continue reading Planning Ahead.

Importance of Tracking

This week I want to talk about training specifically, and why I log all my workouts and meals. There are three main reasons why I log all this! 1. Knowledge First, off it is for knowledge, to be able to look back at past workouts and see what worked and what did not work. To … Continue reading Importance of Tracking

The BC and AD of our Lives

I constantly struggle with the battle between the man I once was, and the man I want to be. I always had “faith” in God, but he was not a priority, it was just a thing I said I was, “Oh ya I’m a Christian”, not thinking about how my actions defined what I was … Continue reading The BC and AD of our Lives

Passing on a Passion!

I couldn’t help but feel a little sentimental, emotional, or whatever you want to call it last week at the gym. The thing is this week is always hard for me each year, this week in 2008 I lost my Uncle Barry, I always felt really close to him and he was the only other … Continue reading Passing on a Passion!