3 Steps to Lasting Change

We all have things in our life that we want to change. Maybe its trying to kick that old nagging habit, maybe its doing something you know needs to be done but keep putting off, so whether its exercising more, eating better, or kicking a bad habit; there are three components that need to be implemented to have long term success.

Most people can make a change or two but success is judged by if that change is permanent or not. What good is change if it isn’t going to last? What good is it to lose 20lbs only to put back on 30? You get my point here. Long term success will always outweigh short term victories. I have been able to maintain an over 100 lb weight loss transformation its not the transformation that is important to me its the fact that come July it will be 2 years since I hit that mark 100 lb loss mark, after thinking about how I have been able to keep those changes and make this my “new life” I thought of the 3 biggest steps to lasting change.

  1. Internal Motivation

Change can’t take place if there isn’t that internal motivation, there has to be a want to on your part; not someone else. If you are trying to make this change because someone else wants you too, thats not gonna last. You have to decided for yourself that this change is going to the best thing for you. Visualize what your life will be like after you make this change. External motivation is good, all the videos, music, podcasts, quotes, and speeches but nothing is more powerful than that internal motivation.

  1. Knowledge/Planning

In the beginning your knowledge of how to implement change may not be something you know much about, so you have to find that information. Increase your knowledge. Be in a constant state of learning. Find someone who does have the knowledge of how to change and let them implement a plan for you, we can use the example of eating healthier. You reach out and get a meal plan from a nutrition coach and learn about what and how to eat. You then learn more about what you are putting in your body. Growing in the knowledge so that over time the new healthy choices become habits. You begin to learn what and how to implement plans for yourself to maintain change.

  1. Support

Last but certainly not least is a support system, just like you can’t make a change for someone else, its hard to make a change alone. Support around you helping you make the change, recognizing what you are doing, cheering you on, and holding you accountable. It can be scary to put it out there to friends and family that you’re trying to make a change. By announcing it, it makes it real, but thats exactly why we need the support. It makes it real, it motivates us and encourages us to find a plan so that those supporting us can encourage and help us stick to it! When it gets hard or we mess up, we have a place to turn and when we are doing good and results are showing we have people their to applaud the hard work that change is.

Break the habit. Break the mold. Break the cycle. Breakthrough.


Colton Anderson



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