Daily Struggle.

Moving back home has come with its perks and I am not going to take it for granted while I am here the next few months. BUT living at home has come with its fair share of obstacles and most of them center around diet. I wanted to be upfront and real about the daily struggle I still face in terms of sticking to eating healthy. I have been terrified of gaining weight and after I got back from Florida felt I needed to go on a strict plan and get as light on the scale as possible for the Arnold weekend. This led to me doing it the wrong way. I knew I was too, I would deplete myself of carbs and be at a substantial deficit for a few days and then bing eat anything in the house. Where when I was living alone there was nothing bad around to eat, I was surrounded by drawers full of candy, brownies, pretzels, and more. I realized the restrict, binge, guilt process couldn’t continue. So the last two weeks I have not binged but I have tried to live “normally” having the chili at church on Sunday, the pizza with friends Friday night, and the ice cream during the movie with Ramie. Those 2 weeks were fun and it allowed me to reevaluate my relationship with food, food is fuel. The fuel you put in your body must match that of your goals. So last week I met with a coach and we talked about performance nutrition, I know the things that I needed to be doing but the importance of having someone to hold you accountable and coach you is a whole other blog post. So my plan started today, I am eating now to fuel my body to reach my goals, my goals right now are to get my body weight down to 178-180 by mid-april while staying strong and athletic. This number is one that I feel I can compete at a high level at, as I am competing in Festivus in April and looking a powerlifting meet early summer as well! My body weight today is sitting right around 190. My training has stayed dialed in throughout this transition phase of nutrition and the struggle with poor relationship with food. I don’t hide from the fact that that fear of gaining 100 pounds back is still there, and it probably always will be. I want it to be clear that I struggle daily with the temptations to eat poorly BUT I have felt both sides of when I am giving my body proper fuel versus when I am eating to eat. I encourage you to find a plan today to stick with, one that is going to be attainable and make a lifestyle change, don’t go on a diet! We all go through phases where we turn to food as a crutch and over the last month and half of being busy and stressed and not getting much sleep, I used that as an excuse. At some point the excuses have to stop and the first step has to be made to reach your goals.
Heres to eating to live, not living to eat!

The time is now,
Colton Anderson


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