Recognize your Roots!

This week at small group we talked about the Parable of the Sower. Jesus talks about the different seeds that were scattered and the soil in which they landed. The seed that fell on the rocky soil had quick growth but the soil was not deep enough and they lacked a firm foundation and eventually died. The seeds that fell on the path were to exposed to the elements and the threats around them and were eaten up by the birds. The seeds that fell among the thorns were overtaken and choked out by the thorns and were unable to grow. Still though many seeds fell on good soil, they had a strong foundation, access to nutrients to help them grow, and eventually began to bear fruit! These relate to us both physically and spiritually. Think about the rocky soil were it was shallow so the seed grew quickly but was not able to sustain growth. This makes me think about those that go on a church youth group, motivational speech, fitness expo, and there is this excitement to reach goals or grow closer to God. The excitement was fueled by outside motivation and not from a foundation rooted in wanting it for yourself. The foundation is the most important part in anything being built up that you want to last! The seeds that fell on the path are the ones that hear the Word or recognize their weaknesses but are not willing to change the way they are living to pursue change. The seeds that fall on the thorns are the times we have the best intentions we want to grow closer to God, to make lifestyle changes to reach our goals, but we are surrounded by people and temptations that choke out that motivation and we backslide into what we did not want to be anymore. We have all experienced trying to grow in all these types of soils, but eventually we have had our seed planted in the good soil whether it be we get firmly rooted, and feed ourselves the good stuff to grow and we reach weight loss goals, career milestones, or I hope and pray that it was being rooted in the good soil and having your own relationship with Jesus Christ.

That was a quick recap and my thoughts on the parable and how it can pertain to all aspects of our life, but the next day I taught in a school with a mural of a tree, I attached the pictures below. The roots of the tree are the fruits of the spirit, Joy, Love, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfullness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. When we have and practice the fruits of the spirit that is our firm foundation or compass as we go through life and work to stay in the good soil, firmly rooted in God. The mural as you work the base of the tree is the Cross, I see the Cross has the base the strong part of the tree that connects the roots to the fruit, we may have strong roots but the Gospel and the story of Jesus Christ and what He did for us is what allows us to go out and bear fruit. The leaves on the mural, the fruit, were handprints. Those handprints made me think about all the lives that have touched me in my life on my sprititualy journey the fruit that produced seeds that allowed me to grow, it made me reflect on that fact that I feel I have a strong root system and beyond thankful and humbled to have Jesus as the base/trunk of my life, but how much fruit have I beared, how many hands have I touched, how many seeds have I sown to further the Kingdom?

Matthew 13:1-9,18-23

Colton Anderson



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