Not Feeling It.

Goal-setting is a huge part of my life. If I don’t have a goal I am working towards I feel lost, I need that structure and that plan in my life. A lot of people set goals and resolutions to kick off the year, including myself. BUT just because I have those goals doesn’t always mean I feel motivated and empowered to work towards them daily. This is very true of the beginning of 2018 for me, what I thought would be waking up Monday morning with a burning desire to put in action towards my goals was quite the opposite. I woke up sick, cold, and unmotivated. Reflecting on this first week of 2018 I have made progress towards where I want to be but definitely not because I was motivated. The reason I was able to continually improve each day while feeling sick and unmotivated was setting aside what I like to refer to as FIT time.

FIT time is not always fitness related to me, it is Frequent. Intentional. Time. So this week when I didn’t feel like doing anything but staying in bed my FIT time got me up and moving. I had set aside time each day to be in the Word and continue bible study. I had time scheduled to meet with Pastor and Mentors. I made time to brainstorm ideas and write for the Faith in Training.

There was time set aside to read self-development books, work out, and listen to podcasts/audiobooks. I set time to eat and what to eat to not fall off diet goals. I also had time to set aside to get the ground rolling on some business ventures and some other roles that will require time and planning that are aligned with my goals in 2018.

Now the days I feel motivated and on fire there will be even more accomplished but this set aside time and daily schedule to work towards my goals prevents me from staying stagnant, prevents me from taking a day off. If I want to achieve the things I want in 2018 they are going to require constant progress. That is what Frequent. Intentional. Time. does it makes a commitment towards your goals a non-negotiable action each day.

I challenge you this week to set aside FIT in your calendar and ensure that each day is a step towards reaching your goals. Don’t let the cold and the dull of winter be unmotivating but let a pursuit of your goals become a daily habit!

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7

Colton Anderson



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