Why Compete?

Why would I choose now to compete? I am nowhere near where I want to be numbers wise, I just started getting into powerlifting about 7 months ago. I am going to be one of the weakest guys at the meet but if I let that hold me back and I constantly wait until I am where I think I want to be, I will never compete. So what are the benefits of this knowing where I am at now….

  1. Date On the Calendar

This is huge. Whether it be in the gym or in life its important to have a date on the calendar, so the goals for yourself have a timeline to work towards. Ever since reading the Mindset Manual by Cory Gregory I try to always have a date on the calendar for gym/personal goals. Competing in a meet gave me the date on the calendar and the challenge of making weight at 181. Since October I have been “bulking” and was floating around 187-190 this forced me to get back to 181. Even if just for a day or two it was a good way to challenge myself and force myself to be uncomfortable in making weight. Also, by signing up for the meet in October it made me super conscious about my training while my diet was not always the cleanest over the last few months my training had to be specific and consistent.

2. Uncomfortable 

I talked about this a little bit with having a date on the calendar, signing up and preparing for the meet was uncomfortable. There were days I didn’t want to go to the gym, weights felt super heavy, etc. but the preparation kept me accountable. It was uncomfortable to make weight, and then as crazy as it sounds it was uncomfortable to bloat back up again. (Don’t get me wrong all the food was awesome, but dang do I feel really full LOL) In all seriousness though it was uncomfortable to have to not eat, travel from FL to OH, everything that went into getting to this point weren’t comfortable. Most people spend there whole life trying to be as comfortable as possible, and I never want to fall into that trap. If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing, and if you’re not growing, you are not getting better. So yes it will be uncomfortable to go into the meet being one of the weakest competitors but if I let that fear of not being good enough to everyone else control me, I will never be able to be the best version of me and push myself to grow. 

3. Setting a Base

This is the fun one, at least for me anyway. There are PRs you can set in the gym with a training partner or by yourself, but a meet PR is different. The lift is judged and the atmosphere is completely different than a typical day at the gym. While I am only 7 months into this thing, its time to get my baseline meet numbers, so I can know when I compete again next that I got better from the last time I competed. Its also going to be a great experience, I have already learned alot about how to cut weight, the proper way to bloat up and deload. I am going to continue to learn from this and see how to warmup the day of the meet, how to strategically make weight jumps and get familiar with the atmosphere and process of a meet.

I plan to compete twice a year from now on in powerlifting (Summer and Winter) and hope to find other things to compete and force myself to grow as well.

My openers for this years OSG Christmas Classic will be….

Squat-315. Bench- 245. DL- 335

My Goals…

Squat- 375. Bench- 275. DL- 405

I am fired up and excited for this new experience, the first of many!

Time to #GetAfterIt,

Colton Anderson


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