Why I Train at 4am…

There are multitude of reasons why I force myself to refuse to hit snooze at 3:30 in the morning and get up to go to the gym but I want to talk about the big 3.

1. Its uncomfortable

Waking up at 3:30 in the morning isn’t normal, its not comfortable to get up in what most think is the middle of the night. Now I will say it has gotten a little bit easier over time as my body has adapted to it, but each time that alarm goes off there is still the mental battle to hit snooze and go back to sleep. I want to put my self in uncomfortable positions because if I constantly do what feels comfortable there will be no growth or progress.

2. No distractions

Probably my favorite reason for waking up so early is the fact that there are ZERO distractions, its a great time for self-development not just from a physical training aspect. I don’t have people texting, emailing, or calling me during training. Social media is dead so theres no temptation to check that. Its a quiet time to focus in on my training. It isn’t just the physical aspect though with all those distractions eliminated it becomes a great time to listen to podcasts, sermons, and music that help to grow spiritually and mentally. I have grown in all aspects of life  more between the hours of 3am-7am than any other time.

3. Sets the tone

By being able to get up and take care training, self development, and spend time with God through the Word it sets the tone for the day. I go through the day with the fire already lit, by the time most are getting to work, my momentum has been rolling. I can take care of work and other ventures throughout the day without the worry of when I am going to get time to better myself. Waking up early gets that forward momentum rolling and continues to build throughout the day until it is time to go to bed and wake up to win the next day!

Find something you can do in your life that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe it will be waking up earlier, starting going to the gym, or reading more books. Whatever it is find something that forces you to fight that little voice in your head that is trying to convince you that being comfortable is a good thing.


Colton Anderson



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