Daily Defining Moments

This week I wanted to talk about how we can let little negatives have an impact on what could be a positive day. For instance, these little negatives could be forgetting to pay a bill, getting in a fender bender, getting a speeding ticket, a bad hair cut, etc. All of these things would typically define someones day, most would say “I had a bad day” the reason why would be because of any of the things I just mentioned. Why though? Why let one moment of your day take a toll on how the rest of the day could go. That bad moment has passed theres no changing it, move on, and make the rest of the day that much better to make up for it. The goal for each day should be to have your positives outweigh the negatives. This is hard to do if you dwell on the negative all day. It is hard to create positive momentum when dwelling on the negative. Stuff happens, sometimes we mess up other times it is out of our control, but don’t let one situation rob you of your joy and take a toll on the rest of your day. Stay off the emotional roller coaster and take the highs in stride and take the lows in stride.
What moments will you let define your day??

Colton Anderson



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