Planning Ahead.

Its mid-October and the holiday season is quickly approaching. I want to share with y’all why I think it is important to be proactive and recognize this. I just got done having a fun weekend with family that came down to visit, going out to eat, ice cream filled nights, and shorter workouts were all part of this family weekend. It would be easy to let this relaxed lifestyle flow over into another week, but thats a slippery slop. I have a date on the calendar, I have to make weight (181) by November 18th and again on December 15th, I want to be ahead of schedule.

Maybe you don’t have a specific weight goal or a date on the calendar to keep you motivated but you do have this! It is the time of year that is a great time to test discipline and work on staying super dialed into diet and training, because its going to put us ahead of the game, when the holiday season rolls around and gaining a few pounds is almost inevitable. Taking that step to develop a plan thats going to take dedication and discipline is exciting, I love the idea of the challenge. I encourage you to start today, plan ahead, dial in from now until that official start of the holiday season, Thanksgiving!


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