Importance of Tracking

This week I want to talk about training specifically, and why I log all my workouts and meals. There are three main reasons why I log all this!

1. Knowledge

First, off it is for knowledge, to be able to look back at past workouts and see what worked and what did not work. To be able to determine when I was feeling my best and lifting the best by seeing what combination of training and diet I was using. It also is there to track weights used and be able to use those numbers to determine % for future weights.

2. Accountability

It is a great accountability tool, from a meal standpoint having to write down everything you eat makes it easier to turn down snacks and bored eating. You don’t want to have to write that down, and keep track of everything you put in your body forces you to make a conscious decision about what to fuel your body with! From a training standpoint, mapping out the workout and then tracking it, holds you accountable that you complete the entire workout, not skipping a lift, set, or even rep.

3. Motivation

The last and most fun in my opinion is the motivation especially when tracking workouts, sometimes you may not see progress or feel it. When you can go into a weeks and weeks of logged workouts and look back at what used to be 1-2 rep maxes, that you are now repping 5-8 times with ease thats exciting. The progress you see in your logs helps to motivate that while you make not see it, progress is being made.

If you do not currently log meals or workouts I encourage y’all to try it this week and see how big of a difference it can make, in holding yourself accountable!

-Colton Anderson



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