Passing on a Passion!

I couldn’t help but feel a little sentimental, emotional, or whatever you want to call it last week at the gym. The thing is this week is always hard for me each year, this week in 2008 I lost my Uncle Barry, I always felt really close to him and he was the only other person in my family that had a passion for lifting weights. He sparked my interest in the gym when I went with him to the Weight Station gym in Mattoon at the time it was called JDs, its an old school bodybuilding gym and was an insane atmosphere during its peak in the 70s and 80s. I always carry that with me when I am home and walk through the doors of that gym. I remember the first time going in and working out with him. I remember the orange Tennessee sweatshirt I was wearing and the black Nike sweatshirt he was wearing. Him setting up on bench press and walking me through my first chest day in the gym. All of that meant so much to me looking back and at the time I definitely took it for granted.

That isn’t why I got a little emotional thinking about training there this week though, the reason for that is because my little cousin Holly who I guess isn’t little anymore, she is a senior in high school and she has been consistently going with me this week and I can see her getting a little more into the gym each time we go. I just kinda sat back the other day and watched as she grabbed some dumbbells, then wanted to work more on her squat form, asked about sets and reps, and more. As we went through the workout together it hit me, that I am in the same gym I first learned about training from my Uncle who I love and miss so much, but now its my turn to share the knowledge I have with someone else in my family. It was emotional to share my passion for lifting with my little cousin in the same gym and using the exact same equipment that my uncle used to  share his passion with me. I love thinking about that. How my uncle, and now myself and hopefully my cousin can continue to train and work to stay healthy in the gym. We don’t have a history of working out in our family, but hopefully we can change that and set up a healthy future and change the next generation of our family physically! As we come up on that anniversary of my Uncles passing, I think about what he sparked in me, and hope he is proud looking down on his niece and I training together in the same gym he spent so many hours in.

Love ya Uncle Barry! 9/21/2008



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