Last week I talked about sticking to the plan and staying consistent, I did just that this week had a little cheat Sunday night in honor of football and making up for missing my birthday cheat! This week I don’t want to talk so much about diet and training, but quickly make the point that no matter what if its important to you, you won’t fall of the wagon. I am a stress eater for sure and this past week was the most stressful in awhile. I pride myself on not getting stressed but as I drove my family from Fort Myers to Illinois, stress was pretty high. Now to get to the story of the trip because its pretty insane. We left Ft. Myers after work on Wednesday and got about an hour north of home, when we hit a nail in the road and got a flat tire. I pulled over to change it, it was the drivers side front tire, to get to the spare I had to take all of the luggage out of the car and set it on the side of the highway. At this point cars and semis were flying by, and not getting over a lane so the wind and cars were zipping right by my back as I tried to change the tire. Thankfully, I was able to change it and get the car loaded back with out any issues other than a few burns from the road and some cuts from rocks and stuff being thrown from the highway. We drove to the nearest Sams Club about 12 miles down the road and got a new tire! We got back on the road about 7 o’clock and at that point traffic was at a stand still, it took over 15 hours to get out of Florida, a drive that should have taken about 5. My aunt and cousins weren’t comfortable driving highway and in all the traffic so I continued to drive through the night. We saw people at gas stations out of gas waiting for the station to get more. We saw people who pushed the limits and ran out on the side of the road, there was no gas or water for hours and hours, it was pretty crazy. Once out of Florida, we stopped at a parking lot in GA so I could sleep for about an hour. After that we drove straight through to Illinois, we got in about 10 o’clock on Thursday. Its crazy looking back at the fact that we drove 30 hours straight through and the trip took twice as long as it normally would. Thank God that we made it safe and sound. So now we wait to see what damage the storm did to homes and schools, we don’t know for sure when we will go back and but no matter when it is I am sure the drive back will be a little less stressful!

Colton Anderson



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