Stick to the Plan

The saying we all mess up from time to time, really drives me insane because yes we live in a sinful world and are tempted daily, whether it be in our personal, spiritual or gym life. BUT if we have a plan to avoid temptation we are way more likely to not stray down that road. Now all this being said, I fell into the messing up funk the last few weeks, I had a plan but not a very strict one by any means. These are not excuses because if I would have had a strict plan for myself, it would not have mattered. I have had a busy couple of weeks, between the football season starting, trying to connect with local business people here, working a side job to raise some extra capital to get Faith In Training Devotional printed, etc. It was easy to stray from the meals I had prepped for myself or snack for no reason. Looking back on my past and my history of being morbidly obese, my relationship with food has caused me to need to be dialed in and stick to a strict plan. Once I allow myself to “let loose”, it becomes a real problem, with needless snacking throughout the day and fulfilling needless late night cravings. I also was lacking goal wise, I had made goals for myself in business, coaching, and spiritually, but had been waiting to make my next date on the calendar fitness wise. So all of this culminating together has been recognized which is the important part. I saw what was going on and jumped right in on it yesterday, I didn’t wait until Monday. The best time to start any plan towards your goals is now! The saying we all mess up from time to time may have a little truth to it, but can be avoided with a great plan and a great set of goals. I challenge you as I challenge myself to develop a plan to reach your goals and stay true to that plan daily. In order to be where I want to be by the end of the year, I have to take care of my non-negotiable items each day. Things that no matter what have to get done on a daily basis, compounding on each other day in and day out to insure I am successful in the end. Think about what non-negotiable items you need to accomplish each day and add them to your plan!

Prepare, Execute, Succeed!


Colton Anderson

IG- canderson_fit


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