Are you Full?

Earlier this week I re-listened to a sermon online from Pastor Jeremy Morton of Family Worship Center. The sermon spoke to me personally because it incorporated a lot of talk about fitness, which if you read this blog, you are probably interested in! The just of the sermon was talking about in life we can be overweight, overfull, or under weight, under full or healthy! Now he connected that spiritually where it is great to be overweight and so full of the spirit and knowledge but if we do not put that back out into the world and spread the gospel that is where we go wrong! Now the flip side we don’t want to be malnourished in the spirit that would be terrible, we have to fill our cup up and then spread that and fill others! It made me think about personal trainers and coaches, they take their knowledge and spread it to their clients and players so that they can reap the benefits! We don’t have to be pastors and third world missionaries to spread the spirit! Personally, I want to be able to impact people with the things I’ve learned about health and fitness and be around this industry, but we are all ultimately called to be fishers of men, and our number one priority should be filling our spirit, and then going out and filling others! This week take a look at what you are sharing with others in your day to day life? What do you need to share more of?


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